Why aspiring authors should study math at school.

With all that’s going on at the moment, I barely have time to think let alone write so I’m reblogging some of my older stuff for your enjoyment. This was first posted late last year and discusses the benefits of math for aspiring authors. 🙂

R.E. Navan

Maths is very important. No, really, it is. Everyone needs it, even reclusive author types like you or me. WIthout math, how could we know how many words we’ve written or what or (imaginary?) sales figures say about us and our writing?

Okay…I think we’ve satisfied the balanced argument types. Now, time for the real reason for this post and the reason why I urge anyone who wishes to be a writer or an artist to study math during high school; maths classes are boring. And therefore, a great time to be honing your art. I have discussed this topic with many of my writer friends and they all agree that some of their most productive work occured during math class. And it was certainlly not the algebra that benefited. When your mind is forced to create stimulation rather than saturated in it, you allow yourself to come up with creative…

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Symptoms of the Common Writer Block (And How to Fix It)

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