WIPpet Wednedsay

I've been away from WIPpet Wednesday for some time now and I thought I should return. I was going to last week but I had nothing to share. Luckily for you, this week, I have pages and pages to select something from. This is a section from Queen of Hearts, quite close to the beginning. It could, … Continue reading WIPpet Wednedsay

Free as a Bird

On Monday, I sent the first two parts of my manuscript to my amazing beta readers. And then spent an extra two days stressing over the third part, which I have now also sent off. I am officially a free agent. Apart from, you know, work and a hundred other obligations. Now, I suppose I … Continue reading Free as a Bird

Updates All Round

Look at me being efficient and posting and stuff. 🙂 It's very late right now. I should be sleeping. I think my brain is a cat. Here is my ROW80 update, and following that, an exciting WIPpet because it is Wednesday (just). You can find fellow ROW80 people here. Edit Queen of Hearts Progress made, finally! … Continue reading Updates All Round