Sneaky Scheduled Post

I don't know if you've noticed by now but titles are REALLY not my strong point. As the above (highly witty and clever) title says, this post was scheduled. I am writing to you from the past. Oooooo spooooky... As it's Wednesday, I owe you guys a ROW80 update and a snippet from my WIPpet … Continue reading Sneaky Scheduled Post

An Open Letter to Writers of Any Creed: November Updates

Weekend's greetings, friends, Today is Sunday and so it's time for another ROW80 update but I thought I'd do something a little different today. Rather than a list of subheadings with a few notes underneath, I'll give you a more in depth update on everything. Yep, that's right, get excited. 😛 So it's over half … Continue reading An Open Letter to Writers of Any Creed: November Updates

Updates All Round

Look at me being efficient and posting and stuff. 🙂 It's very late right now. I should be sleeping. I think my brain is a cat. Here is my ROW80 update, and following that, an exciting WIPpet because it is Wednesday (just). You can find fellow ROW80 people here. Edit Queen of Hearts Progress made, finally! … Continue reading Updates All Round


So we all know what day it is, no need to go over that. As it's been super busy with uni over the last few weeks and it will only get worse now that we are only a few weeks from exams. Therefore, after this week, I won't be posting any new material for a … Continue reading Questions