World, meet BuJo. BuJo, meet World. I promised I would give you a glimpse into my bullet journalling. This is it. I first came across bullet journalling a few months ago. As someone who loves making lists for almost everything, and comes up with a minute by minute 'plan of attack' for even the simplest tasks, bullet journalling seemed perfect … Continue reading World, meet BuJo. BuJo, meet World.

Fraud on Wednesday

I'm afraid to say that despite having copious tales in the works, I don't have anything ready to share with you today from my works in progress. What I have instead is a one liner I found in my notebook. It has absolutely nothing to do with today's date or in fact anything at all … Continue reading Fraud on Wednesday

The Notebook, NaNo Edition, the Third Part

Hey. Almost forgot to post. Again. The build up to my last exam is proving fatal for word counts and anything else not related to study. Gah! Anyway, here is today's notebook offering. 🙂 An observation: There is something obscene about the lengths we go to to pose as something we are not.