An Ending

Today is Wednesday. Yay for stating the obvious! With all my assignments out of the way, at least for a few weeks, I've been taking the time to read through my very rough draft of Queen of Hearts not for the purposes of correction but just to read it and enjoy it and immerse myself … Continue reading An Ending

Why WIPpet doesn’t always happen…

...And why I've been on unannounced hiatus. To be fair, I've no real excuse except to say that writing essays has had to be my priority and I seem unable to multitask well between academic and creative writing. I also feel that the time I spend writing blog posts is time sometimes better spent elsewhere … Continue reading Why WIPpet doesn’t always happen…

Wet Wednesday

It is again Wednesday. *sigh* I considered not posting today. It's winter in my part of the world and a cold, wet disgusting winter at that. After spending all day at uni in the rain and with amount of required readings building up around me at an alarming rate, I felt I couldn't be bothered. … Continue reading Wet Wednesday

WIPpet Wednesday

I know I say this a lot but Wednesday has arrived again, out of the blue, though with all the access to calendars, I should have seen it coming. 🙂 Anyway, the rules are simple; post an excerpt from a WIP which correlates somehow to the date. You can find links to the other participants … Continue reading WIPpet Wednesday