The Sun Returns (and other updates)

I finally bought Scrivener! Woo! Since April, I've been rationing my dwindling supply of trial days while I wait to have enough money to buy the full product. Even with the discount code from winning CampNaNoWriMo, I've had to wait this long thanks to a number of unexpected expenses. Hopefully, now having full access will … Continue reading The Sun Returns (and other updates)

Row80 Update

Practice Duolingo everyday - excepting Tuesday, yes Listen to music/watch a show in one of my target languages twice a week Write 500 words every week day (2500 a week) - Nope. I wrote maybe a 100th of that, I think... Read a book a fortnight - I finished My Brilliant Friend and even wrote a review … Continue reading Row80 Update

A Slow Start

So week 1 of ROW80 Round 3, has gone quite slowly but I had the opportunity to go home and visit my family and friends for the first time in months and I 100% will always put that ahead of writing. I may or may not one day be a successful author but I'd rather … Continue reading A Slow Start

ROW80 Update

This week, I kept my ROW80 goals nice and simple. They were: Do initial read through of Daughter of Kings - Almost there, only 9 chapters to go. Reading through the print out, reading the scenes in order, has made it so much clearer where the work needs to be done and which scenes still need a … Continue reading ROW80 Update