100 Days to a Better Me and You

I'm not really one for making resolutions (or so I tell myself every January). When I'm thinking rationally, and not caught up in the hype of the promise of a glowing New Year, I don't see the necessity of them. Why decide to be better now, and not in March or last September? What January … Continue reading 100 Days to a Better Me and You

Exams are looming, progress is zooming.

^That right there folks is poetry. You may have noticed my absence on Wednesday. I figured it would be better to wait until I actually had something to update rather than do another post about how much progress I haven't made. Edit Queen of Hearts Chapter 8 is edited! Mostly, I'll have finished it by tonight … Continue reading Exams are looming, progress is zooming.

The Liebster Award

I was pleasantly surprised on Thursday to receive a nomination for the Liebster Award by Melissa Mitchell. This award has been floating around for a while now in various forms and is a great way to gain an insight into the minds of your fellow writers, readers and bloggers. The guidelines are fairly simple: 1. Link … Continue reading The Liebster Award