So soon…to doom!

Okay, that was maybe a little to melodramatic but hey, creative license and all that, right? In three days another round of NaNoWriMo begins and as usual, I've left my prep to the last minute because "I work well under pressure"* but I have finally decided what I'm going to do. Instead of choosing just … Continue reading So soon…to doom!

The Second Spring

Hello again! It's certainly been a while since I last posted. Over six months. Oops. In my defense, much of the time was spent studying, travelling all over the place and studying some more.I am now at the point where I can officially say that I only have two more weeks of my undergraduate degree … Continue reading The Second Spring


This week has been rubbish. The assignments are piling up and generally I've just been feeling bleh. I wouldn't say I'm feeling homesick as such, at least, not for a place. But this is the week when the reality of months of not seeing all the people back home that I know, and love, and … Continue reading Honestly

Spring has Sprung

Despite the persistent cold and the snow that fell last week, spring in Edinburgh is now well and truly in full swing. Flowers are blooming in the meadows and, when it's not raining, the sky is a brilliant blue. Unfortunately, I haven't really seen much of the weather because I've been stuck inside writing my … Continue reading Spring has Sprung