Why aspiring authors should study math at school.

Maths is very important. No, really, it is. Everyone needs it, even reclusive author types like you or me. WIthout math, how could we know how many words we've written or what or (imaginary?) sales figures say about us and our writing?Okay...I think we've satisfied the balanced argument types. Now, time for the real reason … Continue reading Why aspiring authors should study math at school.

Goals. And why I hate them.

For the last month or so, I have been follwing a pattern of sorts that I cannot seem to break. I write for seven days and then I don't write for seven days. It's like a weekly writer's block which attacks one monday morning and remedies itself the next. So, in order to make the … Continue reading Goals. And why I hate them.


Progress on my main WIP is slow. Okay, it's nonexistent. However, in the last four days alone I have written over 8000 words. Not bad considering my usual word count for a week is barely 5000 words. Of course, word counts aren't everything. In fact, they're pretty much redundant in the first and second drafts and … Continue reading Update