~ Manuscript Monday ~

While I was procrastinating on Youtube on Saturday afternoon instead of working on my rewrites for Queen of Hearts, I came across a newish segment where authors talk about their manuscript - what it's about, where they're at. I think it's such a good idea! I love hearing about other writers' works in progress and processes. I … Continue reading ~ Manuscript Monday ~

What should a writer read?

We've heard it said a million times - good writers must first be good readers.  But what does it mean to be a good reader? Is it reading ten books a month? Is it reading everything published in your genre? Is it delving through countless how-to-write and self-help books? The answer is a bit of … Continue reading What should a writer read?

NaNoWriMo Announcement!

With NaNoWriMo now just around the corner, I've decided to announce the piece I'll be working on this November. *drumroll please* Soldier ◊ Sorcerer ◊ Healer ◊ King The once powerful empire of Erelda has been plagued by drought, famine, highwaymen and poor leadership for decades when the Sacred Flame finally Names the successors to the four empty thrones. Some believe … Continue reading NaNoWriMo Announcement!

Camp NaNoWriMo – A Review

So in the lead up to NaNoWriMo, I thought I’d share again with you my thoughts on Camp NaNoWriMo. Don’t let the names fool you – these are two vastly different creatures.

R.E. Navan

So, I took part in Camp NaNoWriMo this year, and boy is it a different beast to normal NaNoWriMo. If the November session is a huge street party of creativity, the Carnevale of writing, Camp NaNoWriMo truly is a camp. That one you went on when you were like thirteen, stuck in the woods or up a mountain with a group of the least talkative people. You know those ones who refuse to participate in the activities and sit in the corner on their phones/game consoles?

I’m certain that if you have people you can share your cabin with, it would be an awesome, supportive, inspiring experience. Unfortunately, that was not my lot this year. Maybe next year. Who knows?

That said, there were some amazing parts of Camp NaNoWriMo:

  • the ability to define your own goal
  • the thrill of seeing the word count rise
  • the race against the trajectory…

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World, meet BuJo. BuJo, meet World.

https://www.instagram.com/p/BJPPzL9AeDC/?taken-by=ameliaebrowne I promised I would give you a glimpse into my bullet journalling. This is it. I first came across bullet journalling a few months ago. As someone who loves making lists for almost everything, and comes up with a minute by minute 'plan of attack' for even the simplest tasks, bullet journalling seemed perfect … Continue reading World, meet BuJo. BuJo, meet World.