I posted a grand total of twice in 2018 and haven’t done an introduction post in years. So, here’s me, remedying that.

Hi! I’m Ríona, a twenty something writer living in Edinburgh doing that annoyingly Australian thing where I abandon my entire life in favour of living in the UK for two years. And honestly? It’s been amazing.

I write fantasy, primarily YA, but some adult. I have one completed manuscript, Arrowsong, and am working on edits for another, TRQ.

My current WIP is the story of three girls, raised as sisters, but torn apart by their opposing religious beliefs and political duties. How strong is the bond of sisterhood? How far would you go to save your sisters?

This is a super short intro, but if you have any questions leave a comment below or shoot me a DM on instagram @rionawrites xx

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