5 Things I Hate About YA Books

I came across Francina Simone through WIPpet Wednesday and I love love love her posts. She’s started a series of vlogs which are consistently intelligent and insightful. This is my favourite but she’s also talked about how to write a scene and developing the love interest.

One thought on “5 Things I Hate About YA Books

  1. Shiverpass says:

    This is pretty much my thoughts towards YA books right now. I’ve grown tired of the same things over and over again, not really knowing the character and having to figure her out for myself when the Author should have done so, one of the reasons I’m more focused on reading New Adult and actual Adult novels now. But very few books have made me forget that I was even reading YA, like Hunger Games, Book Thief, and even Stolen: A Letter to My Captive. I enjoyed this video and hearing your reasons!

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