ROW80 Update

This week, I kept my ROW80 goals nice and simple. They were:

  • Do initial read through of Daughter of KingsAlmost there, only 9 chapters to go. Reading through the print out, reading the scenes in order, has made it so much clearer where the work needs to be done and which scenes still need a lot of work. It is now only two weeks until I send it out to beta readers and I’m super excited.
  • Submit a job application – Done, as of this afternoon.
  • Work out what I actually want to study at the grad level – I’ve made a decision though I’m not sure it’s what I want. Actually, I know it’s not what I want but I need to be practical. :/ The practical, sensible, real world decisions in life are why I read and write fantasy in the first place…

Next week, the plan is to:

  • Finish initial read through of Daughter of Kings
  • Get about 3/4 way through close read of Daughter of Kings
  • Find more jobs to apply for
  • Choose a TEFL course to enroll in

Question time: have you had to choose between your head and your heart? Which did you choose?

2 thoughts on “ROW80 Update

  1. Chris Loehmer Kincaid says:

    How interesting that your blog post today revolves around decisions, since mine does too. The practical side of us always says to follow our head, but, man oh man, isn’t life supposed to be about having fun and following our heart? It’s tough sometimes living in the grown-up world. Best wishes with your own decisions.

  2. Erin Zarro says:

    Yep, when I was in college, I fell in love with journalism, and ended up majoring in it instead of psychology, which was my original major. I didn’t know at the time that my health would keep me from doing a lot of things, including drive, so I pretty much ended up working not in journalism but office admin. But I don’t regret any of it, b/c the experience was amazing, and maybe someday I’ll be in a position to get back into it. I felt at the time that it would be a betrayal of who I was to not follow my heart.

    Looks like you’re doing well. Good luck with this week!

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