July Goal Update

Where has the month gone?? Last I checked, it was mid-July (which was when I meant to do a goal check) and it’s already heading into the last week!


  • Arrowsong to 60k
  • Outline new story
  • Gather old stuff from Arrowsong prequel
  • Post regularly to insta; #booktag
  • Read 2 books – 1 x fiction, 1 x non-fiction
  • Review 1 book
  • Post 4 blog posts


  • Arrowsong to 60k

I’m at 53k so far but as I’m doing rewrites/edits, the word count isn’t the most accurate representation of my progress. My 60k goal kinda represented the 3/4 way mark of my WIP and I don’t know I’m near that yet so.

  • Outline new story

I have one brewing but am yet to put pen to paper and outline the thing.

  • Gather old stuff from Arrowsong prequel

Hahaha nope.

  • Post regularly to insta; #booktag

Regular posting, yes. According to booktag prompts, no. I did booktags religiously for two straight months and I think I exhausted my patience for them a little.

  • Read 2 books – 1 x fiction, 1 x non-fiction

Yes! I read Trip of the Tongue by Elizabeth Little and Juniper Lemon’s Happiness Index by Julie Israel.

  • Review 1 book

Not yet.

  • Post 4 blog posts

Done 🙂

In summary

2 goals down, 5 to go. *Mad cackling* It’ll be fine.


How are your goals for the month going? Do you adjust them as the weeks go by or try to stick to exactly what you set out at the start of the month?


5 thoughts on “July Goal Update

  1. Emily Wrayburn says:

    I admire you and Rachel and any others who are able to stick out the insta booktags. I keep starting and then falling off by about Day 10. I do need to try posting more general book-related stuff more often, though. Maybe I need to make it a weekly task on my to do list.

    I only set my July goals a week ago, but I am surprisingly on track so far, actually!

    • Ríona O'Inabha says:

      Haha thanks ☺ And awesome work on your own goals too! 😊 I think sometimes the booktags can be a bit oversimilar? And all so directed at the northern hemisphere esp at the moment 😞 Where be the winter reads??

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