Out of control.

I find it odd, sometimes, when a scene seems to be heading in one direction and ends up going in completely another one. Tonight, I was writing a scene in which I hoped to develop the antagonist. I tried to introduce a foil who point-blankly told me he wasn’t interested and left the scene, vowing not to return unless I gave him a more major role to play. What a diva!

Anyway, I forged on, hoping to keep it on track. No such luck. A minor nameless character pushed his way in and indirectly killed off my antagonist. So what to do now? Well, for one, rethink the overall progression of the novel (nothing too major, thankfully. Just a few little tweaks here and there.)

At least my attempted foil has now been given the promotion he asked for. Here’s to hoping he does what he’s told from now on! 🙂

Word count: 14709 words

2 thoughts on “Out of control.

  1. jmmcdowell says:

    I’m always surprised by how some characters are so helpful with the story, and others make me threaten to kill them off if they won’t cooperate! At times like that, I can envy the “outliners.” But I stick by my pantsing Muse.

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