Irony; commonly known as life.

I think I owe you all an update, seeing as the last update I gave you was over a month ago. Oops. There are a few reasons for this inexcusable laxity on my part but Christmas shopping plays no part in it.

Firstly, in the last month, I’ve more than doubled the length of my WIP. It is now nearing 50,000 words, which is both exciting and slightly scary. To be honest, and this may shock some of you hardcore write-for-writings-sake writers, but although the thought of completion formed a part of my recent writing motivation, it has not been the main reason. In February, after more than a year away from the class room, I am returning to study and need to increase my typing speed. I could have written essays but I didn’t. At the beginning of December I could rattle out maybe fifty words every ten minutes, if I wasn’t distracted. Some days, I could sit at he computer for three or four hours and only produce one hundred words. Now, as of the beginning of January, my average word speed per ten minutes is 150ish.

Secondly, I do struggle with blogging, with finding something to say and hoping someoene will enjoy it or relate to it. If you read my last post you may have noticed that is was not my usual fare. The issue with blogging, as I see it, is that I always stray on the side of caution rather than letting my creative side run wild. Becasue of this, when and what I do write seems inconsequential, repetitive, dull and a hundred other synonyms. I read an interesting post today which discusses the contradictions of right-brained people relying on left-brained mechanisms to market their work.

So there you have it folks, how writing got in the way of my writing. How deliciously ironic!

Word Count on the originally titled ManuscriptK: 45, 596

6 thoughts on “Irony; commonly known as life.

  1. Julie Israel says:

    Congrats on your leaps and bounds on your WIP…keep it up, make the most of that momentum!

    Defo know what you mean when it comes to writing subjects one feels blog-worthy. It’s something I struggle with, too– but am trying to get both more organized and creative about!

  2. Jillian Carlon says:

    Hi. I’ve had a hiatus period myself for the same “blog worthy”reason. Why is it that we so easily doubt ourselves? Honestly I’m still working through it but you comment about writing getting in the way of writing describes it beautifully. Thank you. 🙂

  3. ReGi McClain says:

    I have issues writing blog posts, too, although for much different reasons. However, yesterday I learned about WIPpet. It’s a game in which you just post a certain amount of something from your WIP every Wednesday. Ta da! Instant, thought-free, WIP-advancing/promoting blog post at least once a week. =0)

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