One day more.

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Tomorrow, it begins. Around the world, thousands of writers dive into the mud filled trenches of (Inter)National Novel Writing Month and I join them on the frontline words to conquer every conception I now have about my ability to write lots in a day. I have to admit though, as excited as I am, I’m dreading the amount of editing that will be required but I feel that I have a story to tell, much more so than I have in the past few years. Wish me luck and good luck to all the other writers out there! I’ll see you in the trenches. 🙂

If you want to add me on the website, my user name is Amelia Browne. And just because I love you, here’s a brief look at my Nano project. Apologies for the synopsis, writing them is not my strong point.

The Enarenal

Synopsis: Eriden has survived by her wits on the streets of Bridam since she was six. Consorting with thieves, assassins and prostitutes, she’s told herself she had no need for family. The people of the streets look after their own. But when her father reappears, offering her the family she’s never had in return for a favour, Eri is torn. Can she trust this man? Is it worth tearing apart another family just so she can know her own? In the streets of Bridam and in the shadowy corners of the palace, conspiracy reigns. Who can she trust? And can she even trust herself?

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