Progress is Sweet

We are half a week into NaNoWriMo 2015, one day before my last ever undergraduate exam and two days before I have a final essay due. As always, NaNo falls precisely in the middle of final assessments in the southern hemisphere which provides us upside down folk with a few extra challenges. Thankfully, however, I am on track with my goal. This week (ending with the 7th) I have 12,500 words of Queen of Hearts to edit/rewrite. And let’s be honest, most of it has been rewriting. I’ve also been tossing up the idea of spliting it into two books but if I do that then the first book would be entirely set up so do I really need it in the first place but yes but it also only works if the second part is published in the same book and… you get the idea. Lots of thinking happening. As of a few minutes ago, I only have about 5,000 more words to edit which means I’m over half way to meeting my goal. Yay 😀

For this week’s WIPpet I’m going to share with you a scene from Queen of Hearts that I’ve rewritten. It relates to the date because I rewrote it this week and today is a day in this week. It’s science.

Simple version: Kara, Anjez and some friends have decided to go for a ride.

Complicated version: Kara has freed a slave who turned out to be the prince of her nation’s enemy and her father imprisoned her for three days but now apparently everyone’s chill and they’re going for a ride together in the forest…yep…

As they neared the forest’s edge, Kara manoeuvred her horse slightly to the left, aiming for a small game path hidden beneath a sparse-leafed ironwood. Her horse, familiar with the path, charged into the forest, barely loosing step. Behind her, Kara could hear Anjez’s heavy breathing and the squeal of his horse as it ran through a prickly bush. He soon found his way to the path, closing the distance between them. A few seconds later, Kara burst into a clearing, swinging her horse around to see Anjez emerge soon after, his mount frothing at the mouth.

Kara grinned as she patted her mount’s sweaty neck, adrenalin still coursing madly through her veins. “I warned you I would give no quarter.”

“It was a fair race, well won.” he bowed in his saddle, a smile on his face.

It looked odd on him, Kara thought. She hadn’t seen him smile before, truly smile, in their short acquaintance. He had a face made for smiling, Kara decided, but it was out of practice. Realising she was staring, Kara quickly looked down, fiddling with the reins. Silence stretched between them. Kara’s horse danced under her, sensing her unease as she realised she was alone in the forest with a stranger and the son of her people’s enemy. “I wonder where the others have got to?” Her horse took a half step backwards.

“Will they know where to find us?” Anjez asked.

“Yes,” Kara replied, trying to sound surer than she felt. “Hrithur and Laena know the spot.”

As if summoned, Laena trotted into the clearing, pulling her horse to a stop beside Anjez. Kara smiled, hoping the relief didn’t show on her face.

“You’re getting slow, Laena.” Kara joked.

“I thought I’d let you win today,” Laena shot back. “So you don’t completely loose hope in yourself.”

“Ha,” Kara raised an eyebrow, grinning. “How thoughtful.”

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11 thoughts on “Progress is Sweet

  1. shanjeniah says:

    Nice snippet. The only thing is that I’m now a little worried about the horses. Do they get cooled down after all that hard running?

    Congratulations on finishing your undergrad workload! That’s pretty huge. To be doing NaNo right in the middle of it…yikes! It seems like you’re doing great, but still – maybe there should be a second ‘official’ NaNo in your fall, to even things up….

    I wish you many words, much story insight, and plenty of well-earned R and R! =D

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