WIPpet Time.


It is time for Wednesday WIPpet, which is open to everyone to play along. There’s a linky thing somewhere but I am not anywhere near talented enough with computers to attach it to my own blog. The rules are simple: post something from a current WIP, and share the link. Your excerpt must correlate with the date somehow. For example, today is the 6th so you could post 6 words, 6 lines, 6 paragraphs, something from page 6, something from chapter 6 and so on.


The following is six lines from near the beginning of my WIP, in the days just before everything goes pear-shaped. The protagonist, Karavere, is talking with her brother, Brythorn. She is trying to persuade him to abandon his studies and get some fresh air.

‘I know. But I’m not having this conversation with you through a window.’ Brythorn argued.

‘You started it.’

‘Really, Kara. That’s a bit childish,’ he chided, ‘If you want to see me, come up and see me.’

Kara grinned, ‘Or you could come down and see me?’

‘How do you propose I do that?’

‘Stairs, brother. They seem to work for most people.’

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