A Romantic Glimpse

I've spent the better part if the last week editing Queen of Hearts. It has been really interesting to read over little scenes and incidents that had completely forgotten about. And it has taught me two things; 1. I still love the story even after all these years (which I was beginning to doubt) and … Continue reading A Romantic Glimpse

You cast your votes…

...but this is no democracy! Okay, so the votes are in and it came to a draw between the May 15 post and the post from May 8. However, I've had to come to an executive decision; I can't show you the continuation of May 8th because *spoilers* so May 15th it is. Beginning with the … Continue reading You cast your votes…


If you've been reading my blog, you know the drill. If you haven't, go here. Today's offering is 13 words from my WIP which also happen to sum up my current existence. Surrounded by a self-imposed cage of academia, Brythorn stared aimlessly out the window.


So the time has come once again when I throw myself at your mercy and beg you for ideas. Like in my earlier post, which you responded to amazingly well, I have stuck my characters in a situation where they are expecting me to come up with some brilliant plan to get them out of … Continue reading Help!!!