Progress on my main WIP is slow. Okay, it’s nonexistent. However, in the last four days alone I have written over 8000 words. Not bad considering my usual word count for a week is barely 5000 words. Of course, word counts aren’t everything. In fact, they’re pretty much redundant in the first and second drafts and I’m a believer in the slow-and-steady-win-the-race school of thought. A piece of writing should be like a good bolognaise sauce – long cooked, thoroughly considered and once ready for consumption, impossible to refuse.

Word Count on BlogManuscript: 24, 842

Word Count on its prequel, MaunscriptK: 26, 501

Contrary to logic, neither of them are in any way finished, not even the prequel which, by its very nature, should technically be complete before the sequel can ensue. But then again, I’ve never really been one for logic or orderly, sequential thought. 🙂

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