ROW80 winds onward

Last round, I fell into a definite rhythm. This round, I feel maybe not so much. Last week, I was working on a computer which was having a passionate affair with death. Sick of it’s unfaithfulness, I’ve turned it in for a newer, younger model.

I am now actually so excited about working on a machine that doesn’t crash twice a session.


Yay! It hasn’t crashed once today!

So my goals for this week were:

  • Greenify (100% a word) at least 8 more scenes in Queen of Hearts – I’m not sure I did 8. Maybe 5ish? But I upgraded some scenes from red (“unedited”) to orange which means that apart from the scenes I wrote this week, none of them are red coded anymore 😀
  • Add 100 points to my Spanish score on Duolingo (much more achievable) – DONE 😀 I should technically be able to level up in Spanish by this time next week.
  • Finish reading Sasha and start a new book (The Dream Thieves or Me Before You are high on this list) – Okay, so I’ve finished Sasha* (*well, close to. There’s only 50 pages left but I’m already deep into the next book so…) and moved on to The Dream Thieves. Still on track for an average of a book a fortnight 😀
  • Writing the equivalent of 800 words a day to keep on top of my Camp NaNoWriMo goal – Kept up 😀
  • Post a character interview on Saturday (This may be the last one for a little while) – This did not happen which I’m reasonably happy with. The next interview will be Anjez and I want to do him justice.
  • Actually prep a post-grad application – Ha, lol. Nope.

Next week…

  • Get 3/4 of Queen of Hearts manuscript to green (and ideally a few to blue)
  • Level up in Spanish on Duolingo
  • Finish The Dream Thieves and begin Me Before You
  • Write the equivalent of 800 word to keep on top of my Camp NaNoWriMo count as we head into the final stretch
  • Prep a character interview
  • Prep beta seeking post
  • Prep a post-grad application. Like seriously. Pls.

How have your goals gone this week?

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8 thoughts on “ROW80 winds onward

  1. tmycann says:

    I’ve found that sometimes letting the pace of life take over for a bit helps get you back in the writing flow later. 😉
    (That’s what I keep telling myself, anyway. heh)
    Either way it sounds like you were nicely productive. Good luck for the next week, as well–at least you won’t have technical hurdles in your way anymore. 🙂

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